Time - Il Tempo

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in the evening
We'll meet in the evening.
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la sera in serata
Ci vedremo la sera.
a quarter to eight
I finish work at a quarter to eight.
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le 8 meno un quarto
Finisco di lavorare alle 8 meno un quarto.
I was in Rome a month ago.
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Ero a Roma un mese fa.
Happy New Year!
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Buon anno!
The shop is open until 8 p.m.
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a fino a
Il negozio è aperto fino alle 20.
I'm busy now.
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Sono occupato ora.
anche: adesso. Remember: "occupato" refers to a singular male noun, so if the subject is a female you have to say "occupata"
I go to the gym once a week.
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una volta
Vado in palestra una volta alla settimana.
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