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I'd like to make a reservation for two people, please.
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Vorrei prenotare per due, per favore.
I like this table better.
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Preferisco questo tavolo.
Can I have your order?
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Posso prendere la vostra ordinazione?
Are you ready to order?
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Siete pronti ad ordinare?
What would you like?
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Che cosa vorreste?
Does this dish contain X? I am allergic to it.
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Questo piatto contiene X? Sono allergico.
How long are we going to wait?
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Quando dovremo aspettare?
What would you recommend?
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Cosa ci consiglierebbe?
Is there a dish of the day?
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Non avete un piatto del giorno?
Enjoy your meal.
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Buon appetito.
Another glass of wine, please.
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Un altro calice di vino, per favore.
Did you like it?
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Avete gradito?
We loved it, it was delicious.
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Ci è piaciuto tantissimo, era delizioso.
It was fine.
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Era buono.
Can we have the bill, please?
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Potremmo avere il conto, per favore?
I would like to pay by a credit card.
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Vorrei pagare con la carta di credito.
I would like to pay in cash.
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Vorrei pagare in contanti.
Keep the change.
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Tenga il resto.
Where is the toilet?
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Dove e' il bagno?

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