Business German - Customer Service

Business German - Customer Service
Professional customer service in German

Professional communication is a key success factor in the customer service – learn German to understand better expectations and issues of your German-speaking customers
Start with basic vocabulary and then enhance your speaking skills to communicate with your customers in typical situations such as purchasing, deliveries, billing, dealing with complaints or servicing
The course contains also mini-dialogues reflecting the most common issues and requests reported by customers
This course is addressed not only to people working in customer service roles but also to all customers using online services or buying products in other countries
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Basic terms - GrundbegriffeBasic terms - Grundbegriffe  
46 flashcards
Sales - VerkaufSales - Verkauf  
31 flashcards
Logistics - LogistikLogistics - Logistik  
29 flashcards
Post-sales support - Unterstützung nach dem KaufPost-sales support - Unterstützung nach dem Kauf  
42 flashcards
Call centre - Im CallcenterCall centre - Im Callcenter  
19 flashcards
Typical customer issues - Typische Probleme der KundenTypical customer issues - Typische Probleme der Kunden  
92 flashcards
Customer-oriented approach - KundenorientierungCustomer-oriented approach - Kundenorientierung  
28 flashcards
Marketing - MarketingMarketing - Marketing  
15 flashcards

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