German Words: Top 500 Verbs

German Words: Top 500 Verbs
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Learn German verbs

Did you know that the verb helps to understand the speech better and its function is to help in the localization of time (past, present, future)? German verbs are one of the bases when learning German. It is very important to learn the German verbs since they will allow you to speak about actions. Verbs have a root + ending (-en, -n) in German:

ess-en = to eat, kauf-en = to buy There are regular and irregular German verbs. You can learn the German verbs from the radical and then build the rest of forms. This course will teach you some of the most common and important German verbs along with example sentences and pronunciation. You can manage your time and learn at your own pace. Even 5 minutes of learning a day will bring great results! You will have access to 20 lessons with German verbs for every situation. The flashcards that include pictures, pronunciation, German to English translation and sentences will make it easy to learn these German verbs, how to conjugate German verbs and to understand the verb tenses in German.

German verbs examples

This course includes both regular and irregular verbs in German. There are also example sentences that will introduce you to the verb tenses in German. Here are some examples of German verbs our linguists included in this course:

  • 1. hassen = to hate
  • 2. schicken = to send
  • 3. spielen = to play
  • 4. helfen = to run
  • 5. halten = to hold

It's easy to see that this German course includes important and useful verbs in German that will help you in many situations! Now that you have the perfect resource to learn German verbs, try to dedicate some time daily to study and you'll soon observe you know many new words in German! Start learning German right now to achieve fast results!

Is German that difficult?

We believe that it's a myth! There are many things that make learning German easier than you think! There are no liaisons and tones in German, unlike French or Chinese. Also, let's not forget that the German alphabet is very similar to the English one which means that you have a big advantage when it comes to learning German. Moreover, there are no preposition suffixes or postposition in German as there are in other languages. The German language is a phonetic language, which means that most of the words are pronounced exactly as they are written. Besides, there are not as many consonants in German words as in other languages, which make them easier to pronounce. Another thing to make you more optimistic is the fact that the grammar of the German language is similar to the one in English since they are part of the same family of languages. We hope that you are now motivated to start learning German. Don't forget to define the clear reason why you want to learn German, it will give you extra motivation and will help you understand why no step back is possible. Use our special Spaced Repetition System and the flashcards to learn new German vocabulary daily and start forming your own German sentences. VocApp is one of the best ways to learn German and our courses are made by real professionals! Master the German verbs of this course and proceed to our other great courses, for example, the German A1 - A 2 vocabulary, German Words: Top 1000 Nouns and German Words: Top 300 Adjectives!