German A1 - A2 vocabulary

German A1 - A2 vocabulary
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Alphabet - Alphabet  
30 flashcards
Simple German phrases - Einfache Ausdrücke  
36 flashcards
Internationalisms - Internationalismen  
54 flashcards
Numbers and colours - Zahlen und Farben  
78 flashcards
Time and day - Zeit und Tag  
49 flashcards
Months and seasons - Monate und Jahreszeiten  
19 flashcards
Places, directions and transport - Orte, Richtungen und Transport  
60 flashcards
Travel phrases - Ausdrücke für Reisen  
43 flashcards
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Facts about German

German language is the second most spoken in the scientific/academic world? Germany is considered one of the countries with the greatest number of useful inventions in history: insulin, diesel engine, pocket watch, press, electric locomotive, among others. German language is spoken by many famous people in the world. Although German is the official language, there are several dialects in Germany that vary from region to region such as Frisian, Low German, Middle German, Frankisch, Alemannic and Bavarian- Austrian. German languageis a mother tongue for most of the people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, in some parts of Belgium, the Italian region of South Tyrol and southern Denmark. There are about 185 million German speakers in the world, and it is the 10th most spoken language. The German pronunciation might sound more difficult at first, but we will help you to learn it thanks to our "German A1-A2 vocabulary" course.

How to improve German vocabulary?

Have you thought how to improve German vocabulary ? We will teach you most common German words. This German vocabulary app will help you to improve your German language in no time. Thanks to VocApp flashcards learning German language can be easy and fun. Learning German language for beginners don't need to be exhausting and difficult so we created our course "German A1- A2 vocabulary" for those who want to learn German vocabulary. This course can be supplementary learning and teaching material of German language. You will also learn to pronounce every word because we have a good audio system for every word or phrase. Our flashcards are useful, and you can choose when you want to study. You can check them time by time to revise your German language. Try our German vocabulary flashcards today, and you will be surprised how easy they are.

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