Business German - IT

Business German - IT
This course will improve significantly your understanding of IT texts and documentation in German

Learn the most up-to-date vocabulary connected to IT, including terms related to the user interface, programming, hardware and software
Develop your language skills and learn terminology used in a dynamic and innovative IT industry
Gain more confidence as a user of applications and the internet
Learn IT vocabulary in context through practical and accurate examples.
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Hardware - HardwareHardware - Hardware  
41 flashcards
User interface - BenutzeroberflächeUser interface - Benutzeroberfläche  
70 flashcards
Programming - ProgrammierenProgramming - Programmieren  
54 flashcards
Internet - InternetInternet - Internet  
15 flashcards
IT services - IT-DienstleistungenIT services - IT-Dienstleistungen  
15 flashcards
IT security - IT-SicherheitIT security - IT-Sicherheit  
26 flashcards
IT jobs - Jobs in der IT-BrancheIT jobs - Jobs in der IT-Branche  
11 flashcards
Computer networks - ComputernetzwerkeComputer networks - Computernetzwerke  
11 flashcards
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Do you want to learn how to speak German?

Did you know that German is the second most spoken language in the scientific / academic world? Germany is considered one of the countries with the most useful inventions in history: insulin, diesel engine, pocket watch, printing, electric locomotive, among others. German is the language of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach. Although German is the official language, in Germany there are several dialects that vary from region to region such as the Frisian, the low German, the medium German, the Frankisch, the Alemannic and the Bavarian-Austrian. The German is spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, some parts of Belgium, the Italian region of Alto Adige and southern Denmark. There are about 185 million German speakers in the world, being the tenth most spoken language. The German language has the Latin alphabet but has three other vowels and a consonant beyond the 26 letters of the alphabet. The vowels are ä, ö and ü. The consonant is the eszett which is represented by the Greek letter ß and pronounced with the sound of "ss".

How to learn German?

With this course, of German business , you will be able to learn to speak German in the business world. You will learn the basic German phrases needed in the commercial world. . With the help of flashcards it will be easier to memorize the German language. This course will help you learn German language even better. You will have many examples in German , so you will be able to learn the German language basics about business and the German pronunciation. With this app to learn German , you will be able to achieve your goals in German language and learn to speak German as soon as possible fluently. Thanks to our audio system you will learn the German pronunciation. Start our course "Business German" today and we will promise you that you will enjoy learning with us!

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