Portuguese for travelling

Portuguese for travelling
Make your trip easy!

Learn useful Portuguese phrases and words for travelling
Memorise vocabulary related to airport, restaurant or even embassy
Example sentences will show you how to use the words
Feel more confident on your trip!
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Plane - AviãoPlane - Avião  
44 flashcards
Car - CarroCar - Carro  
37 flashcards
Hitchhiking - BoleiaHitchhiking - Boleia  
10 flashcards
Long-distance bus - Autocarro de longa distânciaLong-distance bus - Autocarro de longa distância  
22 flashcards
City bus - Autocarro da cidadeCity bus - Autocarro da cidade  
17 flashcards
Train - ComboioTrain - Comboio  
31 flashcards
Ferry - FerryFerry - Ferry  
10 flashcards
Hiking - CaminhadaHiking - Caminhada  
26 flashcards
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Why should you learn Portuguese?

Portuguese is one of the most common languages spoken in the world, with around 270 million speakers. It is considered a Romance language and it is represented in many countries as an official language. Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe are some of the countries where Portuguese is the sole official language, while in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea and Macau it has a co-official language status. Besides all that, Portugal has a rich culture. If you want to visit Portugal one day and want to learn more about its culture then you should definitely learn some Portuguese words to help you with that.

Learn some Portuguese words while travelling

It’s the time when we plan our vacations and we pick a country that we want to visit. However, we don’t know the language or any words that can help us navigate in that foreign country.

There is nothing to worry about though. VocApp has many courses that can help you learn Portuguese while travelling really fast. One that we highly recommend to you is our Portuguese for travelling course which was created to help people learn some simple Portuguese words that they can use while staying in Portugal. Start the course and you will get to learn the right Portuguese words to order food in a restaurant or if you’re ever lost you can learn to ask for directions.

Portuguese for travelling course

The Portuguese for travelling course was designed specifically to help you learn useful Portuguese words while travelling in Portugal.

Here is what this course of 16 lessons offers to you:

  • 1. Memorise some useful Portuguese words related to the airport, restaurant or even embassy
  • 2. Example sentences will show you how to use Portuguese words in a dialogue
  • 3. Our recordings will help you master the Portuguese pronunciations
  • 4. Boost your confidence to talk in any communicative situation
  • 5. Learn through flashcards which will make learning Portuguese words even easier

With all that said, you will never get bored of learning. VocApp is designed in an easy and fun to use way. Through flashcards, video recordings and images, you will have a great motivation to learn more about Portugal and its beautiful language. Learning those Portuguese words will be a piece of cake for your journey to Portugal. Don’t forget to also check out these courses which can help you develop the language even more: Portuguese day 2 and Everyday phrases in Portuguese.