Everyday phrases in Portuguese

Everyday phrases in Portuguese
Learn how to survive in a Portuguese speaking country!

Learn the most common phrases in Portuguese in a short time
Boost your confidence to talk in any communicative situation
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Greetings, farewells and courtesy phrases - Saudações, despedidas e frases de cortesíaGreetings, farewells and courtesy phrases - Saudações, despedidas e fr...  
20 flashcards
Shopping - ComprasShopping - Compras  
20 flashcards
At school - Na escolaAt school - Na escola  
19 flashcards
In a bank - No bancoIn a bank - No banco  
20 flashcards
In a restaurant - No restauranteIn a restaurant - No restaurante  
20 flashcards
In an interview - Numa entrevistaIn an interview - Numa entrevista  
20 flashcards
At work - No trabalhoAt work - No trabalho  
20 flashcards
In a hotel - No hotelIn a hotel - No hotel  
20 flashcards
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Why should you learn Portuguese?

The fact that this beautiful language is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world says a lot. There are over 270 million speakers worldwide, making Portuguese the 9th most spoken language. To learn a language means to learn a culture. This is precisely another reason why learning Portuguese is important. Learning even some Portuguese phrases goes beyond memorizing words. The more you understand the cultural background, the easier it is to get interested and learn new terms and ways of communicating.

Learn Portuguese phrases with VocApp

Nowadays that technology is on its peek there are many ways to learn a language online. VocApp is one application that can help you do just that. With an easy to use interface and fun way to memorize some Portuguese phrases, it can be really fun and interactive. What do we mean by that? Well, VocApp offers the option to create flashcards or browse them. This is ideal in memorizing those difficult Portuguese phrases or words. Besides that, it’s also fun!

Everyday Portuguese phrases course

The Everyday phrases in Portuguese course offers you a total of 26 lessons, all with many Portuguese phrases and Portuguese words to use in your daily life. You get to learn greetings, farewells or courtesy phrases. You will learn what Portuguese phrases to use in a restaurant, in a hotel, in an interview and much more.

Here is why this course is important:

  • 1. You will learn the most useful Portuguese phrases you can use in your daily life
  • 2. You will deepen the connection to the Portuguese culture
  • 3. The amazing sense of accomplishment when learning a language will boost your confidence
  • 4. You will gain life perspectives
  • 5. You’ll have a better memory by exercising your brain when learning Portuguese phrases

Download this course today and impress your friends by learning the best Portuguese phrases to use in your daily life. If you want to improve your Portuguese, check out these courses which can help you learn Portuguese online quickly: Portuguese Day 2 and Portuguese words: Top 500 verbs.