Long-distance bus - Autocarro de longa distância

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Does this bus go to Cardiff?
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Este autocarro vai para Cardiff?
one-way ticket
How much does a one way ticket to Moscow cost?
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bilhete de ida
Quanto custa um bilhete de ida para Moscovo?
You can buy the tickets from the driver.
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Podes comprar os bilhetes ao condutor.
Where does the bus to Cambridge leave from?
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De onde sai o autocarro para Cambridge?
There are daily departures to Tallinn.
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Há saídas diárias para Talin.
Where can I buy the tickets?
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Onde posso comprar os bilhetes?
to catch a bus
Catch the bus at 9:00.
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apanhar o autocarro
Apanha o autocarro às 9:00.
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