Car - Carro

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family car
Do we need a family car?
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carro familiar
Nós precisamos de um carro familiar?
speed limit
What are the speed limits in the city?
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limíte de velocidade
Qual é o limite de velocidade na cidade?
steering wheel
Don't let go of the steering wheel!
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Não largues o volante.
You can buy the ticket from the driver.
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Podes comprar o bilhete ao condutor.
small car
I would like to rent a small car.
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carro pequeno
Eu gostaria de alugar um carro pequeno.
to fill up the car
to tank up
Fill up the tank, please!
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encher o depósito do carro
Encha o depósito, por favor.
I got a parking ticket.
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Eu tenho um bilhete de estacionamento.
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