Travel agency - Agência de viagens

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full board
The price of the holiday includes flights and full board.
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pensão completa
O preço das férias inclui voos e pensão completa.
How much does the passage through the Lake Michigan cost?
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Quanto custa a passagem para o lago Michigan?
When do you want to return?
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Quando queres voltar?
last minute
Are the last minute offers much cheaper?
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último minuto
As ofertas de última hora são muito mais baratas?
Which Croatian island would you recommend for a holiday destination?
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Que ilha croata recomendas para o próximo destino de férias?
The price includes half-board hotel accommodation.
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meia pensão
O preço inclui alojamento em hotel de meia pensão.
How much is the flight from Warsaw to Toronto?
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Quanto é o voo de Varsóvia para Toronto?
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