500 most important French verbs 76 - 100

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to knock
also: to strike/hit/punch
She knocked at the door to check if there was someone in the bathroom.
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Elle a frappé à la porte pour vérifier s'il y avait quequ'un dans la salle de bain.
to respond
I have to respond to customers' questions.
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Je dois répondre aux questions des clients.
to look for
Antoine is looking for a permanent job.
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Antoine cherche un emploi permanent.
to dig
Take a shovel and dig a hole.
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Prends une pelle et creuse un trou.
to come
When is your sister coming?
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Quand vient ta sœur?
to mark
also: to score (in sports)
Try to mark the right answer.
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Essayez de marquer la bonne réponse.
to be interested in
I'm interested in the cinema.
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féminin: être intéressée par
Je m'intéresse au cinéma.
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