500 most important French verbs 26 - 50

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to reflect
You should reflect on it for a moment.
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Tu devrais réfléchir un moment.
to continue
Continue working on this article.
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Continue à travailler sur cet article.
to score
also: to win
The athlete took up the challenge and scored the race.
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L'athlète a relevé le défi et a remporté la course.
to owe
also: must/have to
How much do I owe you?
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Combien je vous dois?
to believe
Do you believe in miracles?
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exception: croire en Dieu
Croyez-vous aux miracles?
to consider
Please consider my candidature.
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Je vous prie de considérér ma candidature.
to come back
When she finally came back from work, she was exhausted.
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Quand elle est finalement revenu du travail elle était épuisée.
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