500 most important French verbs 226 - 250

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to maintain
It's not easy to maintain the same rhythm for hours.
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Il n'est pas facile de maintenir le même rythme pendant des heures.
to distinguish
I can't distinguish you from your sister.
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Je ne peux pas te distinguer de ta sœur.
to own
also: to possess sth
The couple wanted to own their own house.
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Le couple voulait posséder sa propre maison.
to conquer
Our country was conquered by Russia.
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Notre pays a été conquis par la Russie.
to rain
It's going to rain tomorrow.
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Demain il va pleuvoir.
to roll
The ball rolled down the street.
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Un ballon a roulé dans la rue.
to tire
Working really tires me.
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Le travaille me fatigue vraiment.
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