500 most important French verbs 276 - 300

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to wear
I always wear jeans.
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Je porte toujours un jean.
to get sick
I got sick and I can't go out.
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tomber malade
Je suis tombé malade et je ne peux pas sortir.
to cure
I can cure this man.
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Je peux guérir cet homme.
to get used to
I can't get used to the new interface.
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à q'un/qch
Je ne peux pas m'habituer à la nouvelle interface.
to stretch
Don't forget to stretch your muscles before you start running.
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N'oublie pas d'étirer les muscles avant d'aller courir.
to seize
It's important to seize every opportunity.
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C'est important de saisir toutes les occasions.
to recognize
Do you recognize this man?
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Reconnaissez-vous cet homme?
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