500 most important French verbs 351 - 375

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to be wrong
The movie starts at 9 p.m. if I'm not wrong.
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se tromper
Si je ne me trompe pas, le film commence à 21 heure.
to thank
She thanked him for the present.
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Elle l'a remerciée pour le cadeau.
to put on
also: to lay, to place
Put on your jacket!
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Mets ta veste!
to marry
They married last year.
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se marier
Ils se sont mariés l'année dernière.
to address
She adressed the letter to her son.
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Elle a adressé la lettre à son fils.
to control
He always wants to control everything.
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Il veut toujours tout contrôler.
to hurry
Hurry up, or we'll be late!
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se dépêcher
Dépêche toi, sinon on va être en retard!
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