500 most important French verbs 426 - 450

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to teach
It's not easy to teach foreigners how to speak Polish.
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Il n'est pas facile d'enseigner aux étrangers de parler polonais.
to examine
The doctor wants to examine the patient once again.
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Le médecin veut de nouveau examiner le patient.
to have
I have a lot of money.
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J'ai beaucoup d'argent.
to pack
Why haven't you packed yet?
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faire sa valise
Pourquoi tu n'as pas encore fait ta valise?
to betray
Why did you betray me?
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Pourquoi m'as-tu trahis?
to shout
Stop shouting kids!
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Arrêtez de crier les enfants!
to lift
I can lift 80 kilograms.
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Je peux soulever 80 kilogrammes.
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