500 most important French verbs 451 - 475

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to joke
Stop joking!
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Arrête de plaisanter!
to disappoint
Claude disappointed his parents.
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Claude a déçu ses parents.
to sneeze
Why does pepper make me sneeze?
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Pourquoi le poivre me fait éternuer?
to insist
My mom insisted on watching that film.
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Ma mère a insisté pour regarder ce film.
to scare
also: to frighten
The sound of thunder scared the child.
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Le bruit du tonnerre a effrayé l'enfant.
to graduate
Claire graduated four days ago.
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obtenir son diplôme
Claire a obtenu son diplôme il y a quatre jours.
to lose weight
Marie can't manage to lose weight.
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aussi: perdre du poids
Marie ne réussit pas à maigrir.
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