Untranslatable - Sanat, joita ei voida kääntää

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A very Finnish noun to describe the "national character of a Finn"
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A kind of perseverance, stubborness, determination, sometimes even bein stupidly brave; sticking with something despite difficulties
time between November and February
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The time when the sun doesn't come up in northern Finland; officially translated as "polar nights" but refers also to feelings during that time - longing for sunshine, lack of enthusiasm, even depression; dark days with less socializing.
The steam you get in sauna when throwing water on the stove
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A joy that you get from enjoying someone else's misfortune
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a shared sense of shame
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For example, feeling ashamed for someone when watching them make a fool of themselves
to manage, to have enough strength/energy, to have enough motivation, to be up to; to have the will power to do something
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mentally and/or physically
when the top layer of the snow is solid enough for people to walk on it without falling in
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Usually occurs in February when there's approximately a meter of snow and the sun melts the top layer which then freezes again and becomes solid so that people can walk on top of it without falling in.
words for certain kind of really wet snow
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sohjo, loska
"a skull weather"
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A noun used to describe a dangerously slippery weather when the ground is ice and slippery and there's a lot of "black ice" on the roads.
snow that is softer because of a milder weather
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nuoska, suojalumi
Not as watery as "sohjo" or "loska" (wet snow), but wet enough for making snowmen.
wet snow falling from the sky
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Becomes "sohjo" (wet snow) when it hits the ground.
snowfall during a heavy wind, or snow moving with the heavy wind
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a noun; getting drunk alone at home in one's underwear
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literal translation "underpants drunk"
a noun; when the bearing capacity and the conditions of the roads - especially dirt roads - get worse due to weather conditions
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to stand the cold, to be warm enough; have the right amount of clothes on to be warm
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"keli" refers to weather, "rikko" for something being broken
a hole in the ice made for swimming in the winter
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