Top 1000 Finnish Nouns
Englishsuomen kieli

Top 1000 Finnish Nouns
Master the language of the North!

Jätkä, kysymys, tavarat... Do you know these words mean yet?
Take the next step in your adventure and start speaking Finnish with more confidence
Beat the Finnish grammar thanks to useful hints that explain the most important irregularities and exceptions
Get to know 1000 most important Finnish nouns and boost your vocabulary!
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Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 1 - 50Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 1 - 50  
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Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 51 - 100Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 51 - 100  
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Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 101 - 150Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 101 - 150  
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Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 151 - 200Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 151 - 200  
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Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 201 - 250Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 201 - 250  
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Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 251 - 300Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 251 - 300  
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Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 301 - 350Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 301 - 350  
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Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 351 - 400Top 1000 Finnish Nouns 351 - 400  
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Reasons to start learning Finnish

Although many people dream to learn Finnish, some do not have enough motivation to start. It's a great idea to look for some reasons to learn Finnish before starting, so you will have enough motivation to continue. We prepared some reasons to learn Finnish and some interesting facts that you should know:

  • 1. There is no gender in the Finnish language, which makes it easier to learn Finnish.
  • 2. It is a phonetic language, meaning that most of the words are read exactly as they are written and you will never mispronounce Finnish words!
  • 3. There is no future tense in Finnish, the time of the action depends on the context here.
  • 4. You already know many Finnish words, the most common one being the word sauna.
  • 5. There are also no definite or indefinite articles in Finnish so you don't have to worry about them!
  • 6. The oldest Finnish text was written around 1200 and is said to be a spell.
  • 7. The formal expressions are not used very often in Finnish. There is also no word for please in Finnish.
  • 8. There are 7 dialects of Finnish, the northern one being the most difficult.

Our fun Finnish courses

The keys to learning Finnish are motivation and effort. Our method is based on effective multisensory learning with flashcards that include all the information you need in order to learn Finnish and remember the new words. This course will present to you the 1000 most commonly used nouns that will allow you to learn Finnish and significantly enrich your vocabulary. Nouns are very important to learn because you will use them to speak about people and space and to indicate objects. They will allow you to form your own sentences in Finnish and express your thoughts and opinion. Each of the nouns from this course comes with its Finnish to English translation to help you understand and remember the word. Some of them come with an example sentence to clarify the meaning and the circumstances in which you should use the noun. Start the course to learn Finnish nouns and develop a deeper understanding of this language!

Learn Finnish with VocApp

Don't stop learning Finnish, continue with our other courses to add more words to your Finnish vocabulary! Take a look at the course Top 1000 Finnish words that includes the most commonly used Finnish words! It will broaden your vocabulary and make it easier for you to talk in Finnish! Moreover, there's an entire course dedicated to interesting Finnish idioms. Each idiom will be presented with its explanation and pronunciation, so you could learn them and speak like a local! Learn Finnish with VocApp and get impressive results!