Finnish for travelling
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Finnish for travelling
Get ready to travel to the country of thousand lakes!

Learn useful Finnish phrases and words for travelling
Familiarise yourself with vocabulary for restaurants, bus stations, airports…
Feel more confident during your trip!
Example sentences will show you how to use the words
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Plane - LentokonePlane - Lentokone  
44 flashcards
Car - AutoCar - Auto  
37 flashcards
Hitchhiking - LiftaaminenHitchhiking - Liftaaminen  
10 flashcards
Long-distance bus - Kaukoliikenteen linja-autoLong-distance bus - Kaukoliikenteen linja-auto  
22 flashcards
City bus - Lähiliikenteen linja-autoCity bus - Lähiliikenteen linja-auto  
17 flashcards
Train - JunaTrain - Juna  
31 flashcards
Ferry - LauttaFerry - Lautta  
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Hiking - VaellusHiking - Vaellus  
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Visit Finland

Around 6 million people visit Finland yearly and many of them want to learn some Finnish phrases before the trip to the country. This will help you in many situations, you will be able to make many new friends and socialize, discover the culture from within and make travelling easier and more comfortable. In order to motivate you to learn the Finnish phrases of this course, let's recall some of the reasons why people visit Finland and why you need to prepare in advance:

  • 1. You will be able to make an order at a restaurant in Helsinki, the main tourist attraction in Finland.
  • 2. You can express yourself while travelling to smaller cities or places where not all people speak English, for example when visiting the Artic Circle.
  • 3. Finland is the perfect place to see the Northern Light. Many people travel to Finland exactly for this reason.
  • 4. If you will learn some Finnish phrases, you will impress the locals while visiting the oldest towns in the country - Turku and Porvoo.
  • 5. Finland is a great country to experience a bond with nature. The Lemmenjoki National Park is a perfect place to do that, its wilderness and beautiful sceneries will be a great memory.
  • 6. You will be able to learn more about Hämeenlinna and Tavastehus Castle.

    Learn Finnish phrases

    An effective way to learn Finnish phrases is with flashcards because they contain all the information you need to understand and remember a word. Our professional linguists created this course that contains only the most useful Finnish phrases for your trip. There are 16 lessons in this course with Finnish phrases based on the means of transport you're travelling with or the places where you'll need to know some Finnish phrases. You will learn Finnish phrases for the embassy, phrases to use at a restaurant, while travelling by ferry or when staying in the mountains. Download the course as a text or audio file to learn the Finnish travel vocabulary on the go! Choose the learning mode that fits you and repeat the Finnish phrases until you'll remember them forever!

    Finnish resources

    If you want to learn some interesting Finnish phrases, take a look at the Finnish idioms course. If you don't know what "to lift the cat on the table" or other fun idioms mean, it'll be great for you to learn them and impress the locals! We have several courses to learn Finnish at a more advanced level, for example, the course Top 1000 Finnish words that includes 1000 most commonly used Finnish words. Learning them will allow you to form your own Finnish phrases and sentences. Study with VocApp at least 5 minutes a day and you'll remember up to 90% of the Finnish phrases and words!