Top 500 galician verbs 451 - 500

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to offer
I would like to offer you my help.
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Quería ofrecerche a miña axuda.
to contrast
The author contrasts two different theories in his article.
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O autor contrasta dúas teorías diferentes no seu artigo.
to interrogate
The policeman interrogated the suspect.
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O policía interrogou ao sospeitoso.
to inherit
Marc has inherited his grandfather's castle.
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Marc herdou o castelo do seu avó.
to joke
Stop joking!
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Deixar de brincar!
to insist
My mom insisted on watching this film.
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A miña nai insistiu en ver esta película.
to dedicate
The author dedicated his new book to his wife.
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O autor dedicoulle o seu novo libro á súa muller.
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