500 galician verbs 1 - 50

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to remember
Do you remember the day we met?
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Lembras o dia que nos coñecimos?
to escape
It's impossible to escape from prison.
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É imposible escapar do cárcere.
to score
The athlete took up the challenge and scored the race.
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O atleta aprobeitou a oportunidade e superou a carreira.
to build
I've built a house and planted a tree.
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Construímos unha casa e plantamos árbores.
to allow
My parents don't allow me to smoke.
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Os meus pais non me permiten fumar.
to sentence
He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
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Foi sentenzado a 10 anos de prisión.
to shake
She shook her head.
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Ela sacudiu o sua cabeza.
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