Top 500 galician verbs 201 - 250

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to wrap
I didn't have time to wrap your gift.
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Non tiven tempo para envolver o teu agasallo.
to consume
Our society consumes more and more.
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A nosa sociedade consome cada vez máis.
to disappear
He disappeared yestarday and we never saw him again.
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Desapareceu hoxe e nunca o volvemos a ver.
to take a shower
I have to take a shower.
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tomar unha ducha
Teño que darme unha ducha.
to visit
When are you going to visit your grandmother?
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Cando vas visitar a túa avoa?
to abandon
Some people have abandoned our company.
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Algunhas persoas abandonaron a nosa empresa.
to penetrate
Our strategy is to penetrate the European market.
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A nosa estratexia é penetrar no mercado europeo.
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