Top 500 galician verbs 301 - 350

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to happen
She pressed the button but nothing happened.
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Ela presionou o botón pero non pasou nada.
to throw
Throw me the ball, I'll catch it!
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Tireme o balón, collereino.
to become
I'd like to become a doctor.
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Gustaríame convertirme en médico.
to delete
I deleted his number.
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borrar/ eliminar
Borrei o seu número.
to realize
I realized it yesterday.
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darse conta
Dinme conta onte.
to touch
Don't touch the pot! It's still very hot.
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Non toques o pota. Aínda está moi quente.
to prevent
The barrier prevents children from using the stairs.
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A barreira evita que os nenos usen as escaleiras.
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