Top 500 galician verbs 151 - 200

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to get divorced
I believe my parents will never get divorced.
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Creo que os meus pais nunca se divorciarán.
to ensure
We ensure a wide variety of attractions.
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Aseguramos unha gran variedade de atraccións.
to be thirsty
I'm so thirsty I could drink five liters of water!
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ter sede
Estou tan sedento que podía beber cinco litros de auga!
to confirm
I'd like to confirm my reservation for tonight.
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Quere confirmar a miña reserva para esta noite.
to taste
Taste the gnocchi, they're delicious.
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Proba os gnocchi, son deliciosos.
to tighten
The tailor tightened my trousers.
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O sastre apretou os meus pantalóns.
to please
It will please us to see you again.
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Complacerános verte de novo.
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