Sapulcē - In a meeting

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Šodienas sapulcē tas ir arī viss.
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That will be all for today's meeting.
Esmu pārliecināts, ka projekts būs veiksmīgs.
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I'm convinced that this project will be a success.
Pēc manām domām mums vajag vairāk pārdevējus.
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From my point of view, I think we need more sellers.
Neesmu pārliecināta par to.
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I'm not sure about that.
Ko jūs par to domājat?
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What does everyone think about it?
Mēs apspriedīsim jaunās izmaiņas.
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We are going to discuss the new changes.
Daži cilvēki neieradās uz pēdējo sapulci.
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Several people didn't attend the last meeting.
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