Conversation Starters and Greetings - Sarunas uzsākšana un sasveicināšanās

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Hello. I'm Kate.
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Sveiki! Esmu Kate.
How are you doing? / How is it going?
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Kā tev/jums šodien iet?
Good morning to you all.
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Labrīt visiem!
How was your flight?
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Kāds bija lidojums?
How are you?
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Kā iet?
Nice to meet you Kate. I'm Ann.
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Priecājos ar tevi iepazīties Kate. Esmu Ann.
I'm the HR Manager at a company called KiWi.
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Esmu cilvēkresursu vadītājs uzņēmumā KiWi.
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