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I started using VocApp 2288 days ago. I have 140 study days, and my study streak is 0 days. I am the author of 84 lessons. The date of my last visit is 2020-09-25 09:00:59.

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1B Daily lives
1B2 Daily lives
1C Britishness
Word list 1
1D/ First impressions
sentence 1
Phrasal verbs
Phrasal verbs a b c
Phrasal verbs D L
Phrasal verbs M R
Phrasal verbs S Z
Word list 2
1A Double lives
2C/ Nerina Klein’s Travel blog
2A/ Around the world
2B/ Unusual jorneys
set of tasks
Lekcja 1
2C/ Down under
2D/ Getting around
slowka od A do E
slowka od F do N
slowka od O do S
slowka od T do Y
Grać w gry
wyjaśniając swoją pracę
Nie ma prywatności
Złe maniery w pracy
Znęcanie się w miejscu pracy
Karolina words 1
Czasowniki statyczne
Reading Alternative Medicine
1_Money and income
2_Business finance
3_Accounting and Accountancy
str 234 prepositions
str 236_verb+preposition
Reading School in the past
songs Pretender & only one
song Simply Red
song Hypnotized
Czasowniki neregularne
Odmiana przez czas -ing_to
Sentences 10_04_2016
Reading Job
Reading Amelia
Reading different
Reading nightmare jobs
Reading Shopping
Reading revenge
Reading right place
Reading Photo & Zara
Reading Travelling
Karolina words 2
5B / Cold calling
5B/ negative prefixes cold calling page 49
4. Bookkeeping
5. Company law 1
Karolina words 3
6. Company law 2
7_Accounting policies and standards
5C_The office
Reading The story of Coca-Cola
Karolina words 4
Karolina words 5
song George Michael „A different corner”
Reading Blue Jeans the all - American fashion
Reading The Girl in the Denim Jacket
Fonetyka -ed
6C Perfect day
8_Accounting assumptions and principles
Karolina words 6
Lesson 04.10.2017
9_Depreciation and amortization
Lesson 30.11.2017
Prepositional phrases

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