500 most important Italian verbs 451 - 475

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to skate
I love skating on ice!
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Adoro pattinare sul ghiaccio!
to propose
What do you propose?
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Che cosa ci proponi?
to entrust
We entrust our safety to the police.
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Affidiamo la nostra sicurezza alla polizia.
to suppose
I suppose she's cheating on him.
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anche: pensare
Suppongo che lei lo tradisca.
to suffocate
We saved him from suffocating.
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L'abbiamo salvato dal soffocamento.
to fry
Can you fry three eggs for me?
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Puoi friggere tre uova per me?
to conclude
He concluded being a doctor wasn't his calling.
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giungere alla conclusione
È giunto alla conclusione che non vuole diventare un medico.
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