500 most important Italian verbs 401 - 425

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to tolerate
I won't tolerate your behaviour any longer!
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Non tollererò più il tuo comportamento!
to mix
Mix all the ingredients.
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Mischia tutti gli ingredienti.
to surprise
You really surprised me.
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Mi avete sorpreso molto.
to consume
Our society consumes more and more.
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La nostra società consuma sempre di più.
to lean
Teresa leaned against the wall.
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Teresa si è appoggiata alla parete.
to bake
The cake you baked yesterday was really good.
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cuocere nel forno
La torta che hai cotto ieri era davvero buonissima.
to envy
To tell the truth, I envy her courage a little bit.
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A dire la verità, la invidio un po' per il suo coraggio.
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