500 most important Italian verbs 276 - 300

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to own
I have to admit I don't own too much.
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Devo ammette che non possiedo molto.
to involve
I'd like to involve him in our project.
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Vorrei coinvolgerlo nel nostro progetto.
to collect
When did you start collecting stamps?
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anche: collezionare
Quando hai cominciato a raccogliere i francobolli?
to love
I don't love you anymore.
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Non ti amo più.
to cure
I can cure this man.
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Posso curare quest'uomo.
to negotiate
You should have negotiated a higher salary.
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Avresti dovuto negoziare uno stipendio migliore.
to exchange
We can exchange our information.
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Possiamo scambiarci le informazioni.
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