500 most important Italian verbs 376 - 400

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to be thirsty
I'm so thirsty I could drink five liters of water!
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avere sete
Ho tanta sete che potrei bere cinque litri d'acqua!
to obey
Obey the rules and you'll go far.
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Rispetta le regole e andrai lontano.
to influence
Our behaviour is formed by the environment.
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Il nostro comportamento è influenzato dall'ambiente.
to accomplish
I have accomplished my goals.
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Ho realizzato i miei obiettivi.
to tempt
Stop tempting me with your proposals! I have to study.
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Smettete di tentarmi con le vostre proposte! Devo studiare.
to doubt
How can you doubt that?
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Come puoi dubitarne?
to flow
The Vistula flows to the Baltic Sea.
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La Vistola scorre verso il mar Baltico.
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