500 most important Italian verbs 151 - 175

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to disappear
He disappeared and we never saw him again.
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È sparito e non l'abbiamo più visto.
to swear
I swear I didn't eat your cake!
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Ti giuro che non ho mangiato la tua torta!
to hide
Where did you hide?
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Dove vi siete nascosti?
to create
How to create your own flashcards?
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Come si creano le proprie schede didattiche?
to burn
I burnt my finger while I was frying eggs.
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Mi sono bruciato il dito mentre friggevo le uova.
to rule
The king rules his country.
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Il re governa il suo paese.
to teach
It didn't teach me anything new.
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Non mi ha insegnato niente di nuovo.
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