Top Romanian verbs 351 - 400

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to say
What did you say?
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a spune
Ce-ai zis?
to print
I can only print five pages a day.
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a printa
Pot printa doar 5 pagini pe zi.
to look for
Many people look for work.
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a căuta
Mulți oameni caută de muncă.
to check
Have you checked the tickets?
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a verifica
la fel: a controla;
Ai verificat biletele?
to smile
You should smile more.
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a zâmbi
Trebuie să zâmbești mai mult.
to put out
You can't put out the fire with gasoline!
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a opri
la fel: a scoate, a elimina;
Nu poți opri focul cu benzină!
to serve
The dinner will be served at 4 o'clock.
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a servi
Cina va fi servită la ora 16.
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