Top Romanian verbs 151 - 200

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to hide
My cat often hides in the wardrobe.
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a ascunde
Pisica mea se ascunde des în garderobă.
to have fun
Did you have fun yesterday?
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a se distra
Te-ai distrat ieri?
to help
Help me find the keys.
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a ajuta
Ajută-mă să-mi găsesc cheile.
to graduate
Anne graduated four days ago.
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a absolvi
Anne a absolvit patru zile în urmă.
to cough
My husband was coughing so loudly that he woke me up.
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a tuși
Soțul meu tușea atât de tare că m-a trezit.
to hear
I can't hear you.
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a auzi
Nu te aud.
to resume
He resumed his work after he finished talking with his mom.
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a continua
la fel: a relua;
El și-a continuat lucrul după ce a terminat să discute cu mama lui.
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