Top Romanian verbs 251 - 300

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to promise
He promised to come.
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a promite
A pormis că vine.
to smell
Smell these flowers!
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a mirosi
Miroasă aceste flori!
to surround
The police surrounded the building.
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a înconjura
Poliția a înconjurat clădirea.
to observe
We're observing the behaviour of the whale.
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a examina
la fel: a observa;
Examinăm comportamentul balenei.
to like
I like to sit and watch the water.
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a plăcea
Îmi place să stau și să privesc apa.
to suffer
I have suffered from depression for 5 years.
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a suferi
Am suferit de depresie timp de 5 ani.
to close
Close the door.
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a închide
Închide ușa.
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