Top Romanian verbs 201 - 250

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to drive
Can you drive?
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a conduce
Poți conduce?
to cut
My mom wants me to cut my hair.
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a tăia
la fel: a scurta (referitor la păr);
Mama mea vrea să-mi scurtez părul.
to climb
How long does it take to climb Mount Everest?
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a urca
Cât durează să urci Muntele Everest?
to teach
It didn't teach me anything new.
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a învăța
Nu m-a învățat nimic nou.
to charge
I must charge my phone.
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a încărca
Trebuie să-mi încarc telefonul.
to throw up
My son is sick and he throws up.
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a vomita
Fiul meu e bolnav și vomită.
to throw
Throw me an orange!
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a arunca
Aruncă-mi o portocala!
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