Top 100 phrasal verbs 76 - 100

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to postpone
start learning
to put something off
I have to put off our meeting.
to discourage
start learning
to put someone off
He put me off with that speech.
to start wearing a piece of clothing
start learning
to put something on
Put on a coat, it's cold outside.
to stop something from burning
also: to cause problems; to place something where it's easy to be found and used
start learning
to put out
Let me put the cigarette out.
to fix or mount something
start learning
to put something up
I've put up a new painting.
to charge too much
also: to steal
start learning
to rip off
The taxi driver ripped me off.
to escape
start learning
to run away
He ran away before the police could catch him.
to finish completely
start learning
to run out of
I've totally ran out of money.
to accumulate money
start learning
to save up
We should save up this month.
to start a journey
start learning
to set off
It's time to set off.
to start a business
also: to make or organize something
start learning
to set up
I set up a startup recently.
to move more slowly
start learning
to slow down
Slow down, there's a stop!
to solve, arrange or organize
start learning
to sort out
Try to sort out this dilemma.
to be in an upright position
start learning
to stand up
Stand up and look out!
to sabotage or ruin the success of another
start learning
to take someone down
The coach is trying to take Jose down.
to become interested in an activity
also: to act, to start working on some problem
start learning
to take up something
We took up swimming together.
to depart
also: to leave, to begin to fly
start learning
to take off
The airplane has just taken off.
to criticize for doing something wrong or bad
start learning
to tell off
Why did you tell me off?
to get rid of something
also: to waste a chance
start learning
to throw away
Can you throw away this lemon peel?
to reject
start learning
to turn down
The bank turned down my loan application.
to move in order to face the opposite direction
also: to change a plan
start learning
to turn around
Turn around, the teacher is coming!
to stop sleeping
start learning
to wake up
She needs to wake up early in the morning.
to exercise
also: to happen the right way
start learning
to work out
I worked out all day, now I'm very tired.
to note on a piece of paper
start learning
to write down
Write down what the teacher explains.
to wash the dishes
also: to wash the hands
start learning
to wash up
I washed up after I had eaten.

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