Top 100 phrasal verbs 51 - 75

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to become an adult
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to grow up
Growing up is not easy to accept.
to prevent from falling
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to hold something up
Hold the ladder up or I will fall down.
to become involved
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to join in
We should ask others to join in our activities.
to avoid
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to keep away
I keep away from boring people.
to continue to do something
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to keep on doing
You keep on doing the same mistake.
to move at the same rate as someone else
also: to cope with something that changes fast
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to keep up
Don't give up, keep up.
to not include
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to leave out
Leave your emotions out.
to disappoint
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to let down
I am sorry if I let you down.
to take a sit
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to sit down
Sit down, I need to talk to you.
to lock the door
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to lock out
Lock out the door, it is noisy outside.
to think about past
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to look back to
I often look back to when I was a child.
to be excited about something that will happen
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to look forward
used in letters to express hope about receiving an answer
I look forward to meeting you.
to be careful
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to look out
Look out where you put your feet.
to admire another person
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to look up to someone
I look up to him for what he achieved.
to invent
also: to reconcile after an argument
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to make up
I made up an excuse to avoid going out with her.
to confuse two things
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to mix up
I always mix up my cousins' names.
to start living in a new house
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to move in
I bought a house, I will move in tomorrow.
to hit someone until he falls down
also: to hit by a car; to decrease
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to knock down
Mike Tyson knocked down the opponent.
to give the money borrowed
also: to revenge
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to pay back
You should pay back the money I've lent you.
to force to leave
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to drive out
He drove me out after what I've done.
to take with a vehicle
also: to lift; to learn something new
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to pick up
Can you pick me up?
to connect to electricity
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to plug in
He plugged in the TV.
to tell or to show
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to point out
I think I have to point out how irresponsible is their idea.
to put back in its place
also: to save money
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to put away
Put away that spider from me!
to stay overnight
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to put up
We will put up at a hostel.

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