Danish in 1 day

Danish in 1 day
The course that teaches you all the basics that beginners need to know!

So you’ve heard that unusual sounding language that fills our TV screens with Nordic Noir dramas?
If you’ve been hooked then you should learn more about this beautiful scandinavian language!
This course provides lessons on topics such as numbers, greetings, and the most used verbs and nouns in Danish
Our system of flashcards gives you the best chance possible of remembering your newfound Danish so that you can continue to build on these basic language foundations
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10 words in 60 seconds - 10 ord på 60 sekunder10 words in 60 seconds - 10 ord på 60 sekunder  
10 flashcards
You already know that:) - Det ved du allerede:)You already know that:) - Det ved du allerede:)  
10 flashcards
Questions - SpørgsmålQuestions - Spørgsmål  
10 flashcards
Courtesy Phrases - HøflighedsfraserCourtesy Phrases - Høflighedsfraser  
17 flashcards
People - FolkPeople - Folk  
29 flashcards
Activities - HandlingerActivities - Handlinger  
17 flashcards
Untranslatable - UoversætteligeUntranslatable - Uoversættelige  
8 flashcards

Interesting facts about Danish

The Danish language is a Germanic language spoken by over 5.5 million people in the world. Most of the speakers live in Denmark and Germany. Old Danish emerged in 800 AD and went through several phases: Runic Danish, Early Middle Danish, Late Middle Danish and Standardized Danish. Here are some more interesting facts that will motivate you to learn Danish phrases:

  • 1. There are three main Danish dialects: Jutlandic, Bornholmian and Insular Danish.
  • 2. There is mutual intelligibility between Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, meaning that if you'll learn Danish, you'll understand some of the other Scandinavian languages.
  • 3. There are 9 vowels in the Danish alphabet and they can be pronounced in many different ways.
  • 4. Danish has the official language status in Greenland.
  • 5. Many Danish words are compound words, meaning that a long word consists of several ones.
  • 6. There are no feminine and masculine genders in Danish but there are neuter and common.
  • 7. Counting in Danish is based on the number 20. For example, 80 in Danish is translated as "four times twenty".

Learn basic Danish

Whether you're preparing for a trip to Scandinavia or you need to learn Danish for work or studies, the best way to do it is by starting from the basics. This flashcard course will introduce you to basic Danish phrases and commonly used words on several simple topics. Our professional linguists gathered only the most useful Danish phrases and words into this course. You will be introduced to a Danish phrase or word one by one, learning its Danish pronunciation and discovering its translation. Some of the topics of the course's lessons are courtesy Danish phrases, vocabulary about people, basic verbs and questions in Danish. Moreover, you will discover some Danish words that you already know and learn some words that are untranslatable to English. Not only you will be able to master the Danish pronunciation, but you will also remember the new vocabulary fast and forever thanks to our Spaced Repetition System. Learn important Danish phrases such as thank you in Danish or hello in Danish to impress the natives! Master these Danish phrases and their pronunciation and continue with our other courses!

Want more Danish courses?

This is not the only basic Danish course on our site! The course Danish: day 2 includes even more Danish phrases to learn! Continue with this course and learn useful Danish phrases, vocabulary about places and time, numbers in Danish, useful nouns and much more! You will also find an example of a typical conversation with the most commonly used Danish phrases in this course and a lesson on basic Danish grammar. Master the Danish phrases and words from this course to enhance your Danish language skills. Take a look at the course list on our site and find many more useful courses on different languages!