Catalan in 1 day
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Catalan in 1 day
Learn basic phrases in Catalan!

Catalan will help you understand Spanish, French and other Romance languages!
Impress your friends saying “cheers” in Catalan!
Learn the language of Anton Gaudi and Pep Guardiola!
Find out what “caliu” means in Catalan!
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Why do you need to speak Catalan?

You should learn to speak Catalan because of many reasons! Japan has the second largest economy in the world, it is the country of innovations and development. Learning Catalan will bring many opportunities to your professional and academic life. Catalan is one of the languages of education in some of the most renowned universities in Europe, like the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, which is in 70th place in the ranking of the best European universities drawn up every year by the Times Higher Education. If you speak Catalan, you can initiate partnerships with Catalan businesses too. Learning Catalan will help you understand and experience the Catalan culture: beyonds, it is an actual language in many regions: in the Balearic Islands, in Andorra (where since 1993 it is the official language), in Roussillon (French Catalonia), in Valencia and its surroundings (although it is a different variant), in Sardinia, in Alghero (where 20% of the inhabitants still speak an ancient "Sardinian" Catalan). Learn Catalan online with VocApp and be proud of your fast results!

How to learn Catalan?

The best way to learn Catalan is definitely with VocApp! Our method uses fun flashcards to teach Catalan basics. The flashcards include everything you need in order to learn a new word: a picture, Catalan to English translation, example sentences, Catalan grammar, hints and of course the Catalan pronunciation. This online Catalan course includes the most useful vocabulary that you will need to start a basic Catalan conversation. It is a perfect course of Catalan for beginners that will strenghten your knowledge, enhance your vocabulary, teach you how to read Catalan and how to speak Catalan. You can download the flashcards of this Catalan course as an MP3 file and use it as Catalan audio lessons to learn on the go! Don't forget to learn and repeat the vocabulary proposed by our other Catalan courses. Learning Catalan online becomes easy when you do it with VocApp!

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