Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns

Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns
Improve your Luxembourgish vocabulary in a fun and easy way!

Whether you are a total beginner or advanced learner, this course will help you expand your vocabulary!
Nouns are extremely important: This list will allow you to communicate more complex ideas!
Thanks to our audio recordings you will be able to actively use and speak Luxembourgish!
Perseverance is the key to success: Start today and master the language!
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Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 1 - 50Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 1 - 50  
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Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 51 - 100Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 51 - 100  
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Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 101 - 150Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 101 - 150  
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Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 151 - 200Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 151 - 200  
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Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 201 - 250Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 201 - 250  
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Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 251 - 300Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 251 - 300  
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Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 301 - 350Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 301 - 350  
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Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 351 - 400Top 1000 Luxembourgish nouns 351 - 400  
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Advantages of learning Luxembourgish

By now you probably already know that Luxembourgish is not a language spoken by many. This doesn’t mean however that you shouldn’t learn Luxembourgish. Let me tell you some of the advantages of knowing the national language of the only remaining Grand Duchy:

  • Luxembourgish is only spoken by around 400.000 people! Knowing this endangered language will be a big plus on your CV!
  • If you learn Luxembourgish, you will be able to understand the history, politics and culture of Luxembourg.
  • Learn Luxembourgish to make new friends and communicate with them in their native language.
  • Learn Luxembourgish to stimulate your brain and thus improve your memory.
  • The country’s motto is “Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sin” meaning “We want to remain what we are”. To truly feel integrated in a country, learning its official language is a must!

Expand your horizons and take up this challenge. I promise you it will be worth it!

Improve your Luxembourgish vocabulary

In a sentence, alongside verbs, nouns are the most important element! A noun in any language is defined as a person, place or thing. This means that the lack of nouns will eradicate any subject or object from your sentence which is as good as communicating essentially nothing. To help you expand your Luxembourgish vocabulary, VocApp has created this course of the 1000 most important and most frequently used nouns. To make sure your ability to understand Luxembourgish is improved, VocApp also provides example sentences. Your goal in the long-term is probably to actively use the language, which is why, in order to help you effectively develop your listening skills, VocApp also provides audios with the correct pronunciation of each Luxembourgish noun. The key is consistency: Our spaced repetition algorithm will remind you to work on it every day. This nouns course will help you to considerably improve your language skills and expand your vocabulary! Start today!

Learn Luxembourgish online

Learning a language is an active process, which begins at birth and goes on throughout a lifespan! VocApp is the perfect platform to learn Luxembourgish online. Take a look at our other courses:

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