Top 1000 Finnish words 351 - 400

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to build
He built a summer cottage for his family.
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Hän rakensi perheelleen kesämökin.
a state, a country
What is the richest country in the world?
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Mikä on maailman rikkain valtio?
a level
in a game, level of skills
What level are you at?
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Millä tasolla olet?
Why didn't you come to work yesterday?
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Miksi et tullut eilen töihin?
a night
It was snowing at night.
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Yöllä satoi lunta.
You need to go through the customs.
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Sinun on mentävä tullin läpi.
a feeling
She said she had a good feeling about this.
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Hän sanoi, että hänellä on tästä hyvä tunne.
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