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a memory of something / the ability to remember things
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recollection of sth
I have many pleasant recollections of the time we spent together / His powers of recollection are extraordinary
used for moving a small boat
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search without success
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search to no avail
We tried to persuade her not to resign, but to no avail
broken into very small pieces
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Shattered glass lay all over the road
sth from the sea which is on the beach
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washed up on the beach
A body was washed up on the beach the morning after you were arrested
it is believed that sb is dead
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presumed dead
The boat's captain is missing, presumed dead
an official process to discover the cause of someone's death
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An inquest is always held if murder is suspected
a state of extreme happiness or excitement
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There's a sense of elation at having completed a race of such length
having pleasantly brown skin caused by being in hot sun (adjective)
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suntanned arms
the act of hiding the truth, especially to get an advantage
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He was found guilty of obtaining money by deception
used to show that you do not believe that something you have been told is true
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Supposedly, she never spoke to him again
a false show of something
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a pretence of friendship
spending time in prison
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served time in prison
He served time in prison in Siberia.
an illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people
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an insurance scam
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in vain
I tried in vain to start a conversation
search quickly, with a sense of panic
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search frantically
intense headaches
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runny nose caused by pollen
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hay fever
continue with the investigation
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pursue an investigation

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