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similar, having some of the same qualities
They speak a language akin to French
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full of people
The teeming metropolis
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seeming to be affected by magic
They met in Paris one enchanted afternoon
to teem
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to rain heavily
It’s been teeming down all day
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big problems/troubles
The country has been beset by economic woes for the past decade
a woe
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extreme sadness
Her face was lined and full of woe
a/to muddle
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a messy and confused state
Don’t try to muddle me up! / Her life was in a muddle
to rifle
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to search quickly through sth (in order to steal)
The safe has been rifled and the diamonds were gone
a rifle
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to debilitate/ debilitating
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to weaken, exhaust
Chemotherapy debilitated him /Diabetes can be severely debilitating
a trivia
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trivial details, unimportant information
She has an encyclopedic knowledge of sports trivia
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irritable, easily made angry
I’m extremely tetchy when it comes to my family
to/a rumble
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a growl, a low sound
Please excuse my stomach rumbling- I haven’t eaten all day
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happy, satisfied
She smiled a contented smile
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moral, honourable
His followers believe they are fighting for a noble cause
a mane
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Lions have a thick, long mane
A catharsis/ cathartic
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purifying, cleansing
a cathartic experience of writing in a journal
an introspection
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self- analysis, soul-searching
an inner introspection is something crucial in this hectic world
a stipulation
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a rule that must be followed
The only stipulation is that candidates must be ober the age of 35
to pledge
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to make an official, serious promise
I’ve been pledged to secrecy
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skillful, smart
He’s very deft at handling awkward situations
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mysterious, known only by a few people
He was the only person who understood all the arcade details of the agreement
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showing strong feelings
an ardent feminist
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carefully, intentionally
They studiously avoided each other
to/a whinge
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to complain
She is always whingeing about something
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complete, extreme / completely
He must be a raving idiot/ He was raving mad near the end of his life
to hurtle
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to move really fast
The truck came hurtling towards us/ Astronauts are hurtling through space
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carelessly fast and dangerous
The car hurtled along at breakneck speed
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very fashionable
Your dress is snatched
on fleek
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perfectly done
My hair is on fleek- I’ve just returned from the hairdresser
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suspect, sneaky
This man was really shady, it all must have been a scam
to slay
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to do extremely good/look amazing
I slayed this test! She slayed that outfit
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willingness to listen, accept new ideas, suggestions
Their receptiveness keeps their mind nimble
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consecutive, in a row
It was their third successive defeat
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great ability, skill
He’s always boasting about his sexual prowess/ an athletic prowess
an Infamy
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the quality of being infamous
The attack was a real infamy
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1. tense, nervous 2. funky, unusual
When moms get edgy, kids can tell / Her style is so edgy!
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vicious, not worring about other’s
To succeed in this market you need to be ruthless
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a person/thing that succeeds another
Traditionally, the president designates his successor
to moot
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to suggest sth for a discussion
His name was mooted as a possible successor
to reap
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to get the advantages of a particular situation
They didn’t reap any benefits from that deal
a longevity
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living for a long time/remaining popular/useful
For longevity in car design, you really need to keep it simple
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extremely useful
This data will prove invaluable for the researchers/ The tutoring I received was invaluable
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extremely useful
This data will prove invaluable for the researchers/ The tutoring I received was invaluable
a flock
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a group of animals
The shepherd is bringing his flock down from the hills
a flock
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a crowd of people of particular type/to move in large numbers
A noisy flock of tourists came into the building/ Crowds of people flocked to see the Picasso exibition
a greenhouse
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a building in which you grow veggies
He grows a lot of tomatoes in her greenhouse
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unusual, strange
He has many whimsical figures in his garden
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the quality of being paceful, calm
I admired her serenity in the midsy of so mich chaos
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showing too much confidence, not respectful
His lawyer was really brush, but he usually won his cases
to gear
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to make sth. ready/suitable for a particular purpose
Our program is geared to the needs of children
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spoiled, damaged in quality/taste/value
The seafood was tainted
an indulgence
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an occasion when you allow sb to have sth enjoyable (more than necessary)
All the pleasures and indulgances of the weekend are over and I need to get down to work/ Chocolate is my only indulgance
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shocked, surprised
I was stunned by this news!
to compel
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to force
As a schoolboy he was compelled to wear shorts even in winter
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intentional/intentionally, in an obvious way
He has made some blatantly bad decisions/ Wow, your lie really is blatant/ His behaviour showed a blatant lack of respect
to shackle/a shackle
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1. to handcuff 2. to restrain/hinder som
The convicts were shackled and led onto the bus/ They were shackled by their own debts
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It was a stark room with a bed and chair as the only furniture/ It was a stark reality
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extremely, completely
The children were splashing in the river, stark naked
daze/to daze
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unable to think clearly
She was wandering around in a daze this morning
to blunt
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to make feelings less strong
Mu recent bad experience has blunted my enthusiasm for travel
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direct, honest
I’ll be blunt-that last piece of work you did was terrible
to shove
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to push someone forcefully
Just wait your turn-there’s no need to shove / Reporter pushed and shoved as they tried to get close to the princess
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I prepared a nettle brew for myself
a tangent
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A subject or activity different than the discussed one
We were talking about exercise and got off on a tangent
an ambiguity
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the fact of sth having more than kne meaning
We wish to remove any ambiguity concerning our demands
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deprived, lacking
I’m bereft of words / They felt utterly bereft after the last of their children had left home
to remunerate
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to pay someone for work/services
He is poorly remunerated for all the work he does
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disdain, disrespect, mockery
Such behavior is typical of the cheeky irreverence the band displayed onstage
a dagger
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a frostbite
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noticable, outstanding, salient
In China, her blonde hair was conspicuous
to jab
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to stab, poke
The doctor jabbed the needle into the dog’s leg / He was jabbing a finger at them and shouting angrily
ingenuous /disingenuous
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innocent, unsusoecting/ dishonest, not candid
Her compliment was disingenuous / He eyed me with wide, ingenuous eyes
a conformity/ to conform
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to adjust, comply, fit in
He felt sufficated by the conflrmity/ At out school, you were required to conform, and there was no place for originaliy
a strap/ to strap
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a belt
Could you help me fasten this strap around my suitcase/a watch strap/ Are the kids strapped into their car seats?
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contemptuous, unenthusiastic
Because of the dismissive behaviour of these shop assistants, I will never do shopping here again!
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a blizzard
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burza śnieżna
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a shuttlecock
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a sled
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a dune/ sand dune
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to soar
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to increase/ wzbic sie
Temperatures will soar over the weekend/ The popularity of such bands has soared in the last two years
to collate
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to gather, collect
All the imformation obtained is being collated
to plummet
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to fall quickly, suddenly
Temperatures plummeted last night/ She plummeted to the ground/ We will just wait until the prices plummet
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fake, not sincere
All salespeople seem to have the same phony smile
a terminal disease
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deathly disease
They didn’t realize his cancer was terminal
a cohort
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a group of people with a shared characteristic
The Mayor and his cohorts have abused their position of power
a resurgence/to resurge
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There has been a resurgance of interest in medicine/ Breakdancing is resurging nationwide
a discourse
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a speech/ piece of writing about sth. serious
a discourse on the nature of death
cohesive/ a cohesion
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united, a state of being united
We were not a very cohesive family / The team just seems to lack cohesion
a solace/ to solace
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to comfort/consol
When his wife left him, he found solace in the bottle/ Musik was a great solace to me

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