Phrasal verbs

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if a child answers back they reply rudely to the adult.
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answer back
how dare you answer back like that?!
to decide not to do something that you have arranged to do
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cry off
she usually says she will be there and then cries off and the last time
1. If a machine or part of the body........ it does not perform as well as it should 2. If a person, especially a child,........ they behave badly:
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act up
the TV show has been acting up again.
to fasten a piece of clothing by using its zip, or to help someone close the zip on a piece of clothing they are wearing:
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zip up
Could you zip me up, please?
zip up your coat!
to be patient and wait why someone does something
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bear with sb
if you will bear with me a moment I will just find your details.
to have a particular result or effect
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add up to
równać się wynosić stanowić
Parliament's reports add up to a comprehensive analysis of key aspects of the Treaty. The payments add up to five hundred pounds.
meaning it was a great of memorable day
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quite the day
if you do something... You do it alone or without the help of others
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on your own
you can say it a different way/ alone_ by yourself solo
Do not change the dose on your own.
to be forced to do something
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yield to
He yield to under pressure.
to put all the information that is needed on a document
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write out
He wrote out a cheque for £250.
If a liquid that is being heated boils over, it flows over the side of the pan
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boil over
the milk is boiling over!
money that you pay for being taught, especially at college or university
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make it up
I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I'll make it up to you, I promise.
means that you become comfortable in a new environment 2. second meaning is calm down
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settle down
to start doing something again after you stopped for a long time
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back in the saddle
someone who is broke or in other words has no money
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flat on his ass
I'm just flat on my ass. I need some rest. After the day of the marathon Pete was the flat on his ass for a week.
to invite someone to come into a building or room, especially your home
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ask in
he didn't ask me in I had to wait for him at the door.
to be very easy to see or notice
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stand out
The bright blue letters really stand out on the page.
to get rid of people or things that you do not want from a group
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weed out
osiewac eliminować
the weakest animals are always weeded out.
rely on confidently.
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bank on
liczyć na kogoś
"the prime minister cannot bank on their support"
something that you say in order to tell someone to stop touching someone or something or to leave a bus train
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get off
to decide not to do something because you are too nervous
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chicken out
I was going to go bungee jumping but I chickened out at the last second.
to begin the journey
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set off
We set off for London just after 10.
remain strong and work efficiently or delay or block movement
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hold up
she holding up well under the pressure
The project was held up by various legal problems.
remain strong and work efficiently or delay or block movement
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hold up
she holding up well under the pressure
The project was held up by various legal problems.
to go to the station on Airport Etc to say goodbye to somebody who starting a journey
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see off
Second meaning to force somebody to leave a place for example but treating them or running after them
My dad came to departures to see me off.
to stay somewhere for a short time during a long journey
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stop over
I wanted to stop over India on the way to Australia.
to move backwards especially in the vehicle or to support somebody something to say that what somebody says it is true
third meaning to prepere a second copy
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back up
The writer doesn't back up his opinions with examples.
I backed car up to the door
to become unconscious suddenly but for a short period
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Black out
increases this very quickly
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shoot up
prices have shoot up by 25%
to use all of something so that there is none left
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run out
skończyć się wyczerpać
I've nearly ran out of money. Come on time is running out.
if a river or lake dries up the water in it disappear
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dry up
wysychać wyczerpać się kończyć sie
the work dried up and he went out of business.
to finally understand something after a lot of thought
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figure sth out
zrozumieć coś kogoś
I never could figure out what she saw in him.
begin to feel better after being unhappy or sick
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get over someone
dojść do siebie
it took her months to get over the shock of Richard leaving.
improve differently
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Look up
poprawiać się
Our financial situation is looking up.
to cause, allow or pay for someone to experience or do something
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put someone through
she's putting herself through college.
to arrive in great numbers or amounts
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roll in
Offers of help are still rolling in.
to wait
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hold on
Hold on a minute while I get my breath back.
to use all of something so that there is none left
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run out
skończyć się wyczerpać zabraknąć
I've nearly run out of money. Come on time is running out.
to continue
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keep on
the rain kept on all night.
a feeling or guess that something might be true when there is no proof
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przeczucie also verb
I had a hunch that he would get the job.
to behave in a silly way or have a good time
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fool around
stop fooling around this is serious!
to interrupt somebody who is speaking in the phone by breaking the connection. to break the surface of something
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cut off
odciąć uciąć ściąć
we were cut off in the middle of our conversation. My explanation was cut off by loud protests.

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