oczodół i jama nosowa

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Oczodół: sciana gorna
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orbital part of frontal, lesser wing
Oczodół: sciana dolna
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body of maxilla, zygomatic, palate
Oczodół: sciana boczna
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zygomatic, greater wing
Oczodół: sciana przysrodkowa
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frontal process of maxilla, lacrimal b., orbital lamine of ethmoid, lateral surface of body of sphenoid
Jama nosowa: gorna
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nasal bones, nasal spine of frontal bone, crbriform plate of ethmoid, body of sphenoid, sphenoid conchae
Jama nosowa: dolna
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palatine process of maxilla, horizontal lamina of palatine bones
Jama nosowa: sciana boczna
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medial surface of frontal process of maxilla, body of maxilla, lacrimal b, medial wall of etmohid lab., inferior nasal turbinate, perpendicular lamina of palatine, medial lamina of pterygid process
Jama nosowa: przegroda nosowa
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perpendicular lamina of ethmoid, vomer

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