In the street - På gatan

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How many blocks do I have to walk to get to the town centre?
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Hur många kvarter behöver jag gå för att komma till centrum?
How far is it?
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Hur långt borta är det?
How long would it take me to get there?
Hint: In Swedish, there are different words for 'here' and 'there', depending on whether it is directional or stationary.
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Hur lång tid skulle det ta mig att åka dit?
Hint: Där = there (stationary), dit = there (directional, e.g. to there)
I have to take two buses to get home.
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Jag behöver ta två bussar att åka hem.
Could you please repeat the directions?
you = singular, formal
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Kan ni säga vägbeskrivningen en gång till, tack?
I have the wrong address.
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Jag har fel adress.
Do you know where there is a public phone?
you = singular, formal
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Vet ni var det finns en offentlig telefon?
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