In a bank - I en bank

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I've lost my checkbook, I would like to ask for another one.
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Jag har tappat mitt checkhäfte, jag skulle vilja begära en andra.
Could I order a new checkbook, please?
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Kan jag beställa ett nytt checkhäfte, tack?
I have to go to the cash machine.
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Jag måste gå till bankomaten.
I would like to open an account.
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Jag skulle villja öppna ett konto.
I would like to withdraw a large amount.
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Jag vill ta ut en stor summa pengar.
Could you give me some smaller bills?
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Kan du ge mig några mindre sedlar?
Sorry, I forgot my identification.
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Förlåt, jag glömde min legitimation.
Hint: 'legitimation' is often shortened to 'leg'.
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